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tony/`reputation`/chatter tools

updated wed 24 nov 04


mel jacobson on tue 23 nov 04

i must apologize, i used a local term, old term
from rural minnesota that many did not understand.

when you put the word reputation in quotes "reputation"
it used to mean the girl that went under the bleachers
at the football field, five nights in a row, with five different
boys...she had a `reputation`. same for boy 2, 3, 4, 5.
first guy thought he was in love.

it does not describe the term, `tony has a wonderful reputation as a fine

using that old term is from a conversation that is ongoing where i swim
each morning. the older women are joking that they lived their entire
lives without ever having a `reputation`, and were wondering
what they missed. funny. one women is 90, swims with us every guy is 94. makes me want to get out of bed, if they
can do it, i can do it.

we were talking last week at coffee, same group, about the
price of drugs/pharmacy drugs. then we went around the table
and realized all of us are alive because of quality drugs/
me. allapurinol, no gout, lipitor, choles at 133, bp drug, and
my blood pressure is at 124/76. my father had his first heart attack at 66.
grandfather at 55. three of the folks in the group have stainless
valves in their hearts. all would have been dead at 70. we laugh
about kurt all the time on clayart....he has more spare parts on him
than a model T ford. but, he is working every day, making the
best pots of his life, one eye, but sees great forms and design.

chatter tools.
never pass up a piece of flexible strap metal. you may
find the perfect `bounce` in that tool and it will become
your favorite chatter tool. it takes time to find the perfect
piece of metal. i found a 23 inch piece at `manasass clay`, in virginia.
(on the floor, behind a bench.)
gave half to a lady that wanted a chatter tool, i kept the other half.
dragged it home, and have been using it ever since. works like
a charm. (the one on my website/clayart page.)
Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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