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ignition/vaporisation temperatures - or, mr. bradbury's confusion

updated tue 23 nov 04


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on mon 22 nov 04

Hi Vicki, all...

I think Mr. Bradbury must have no friends...

To take him aside and direct his attention to how-it-is,
that his well known Book was titled "Farenheit 451", whilst,
Mr. Moore's film, almost certainly paying hommage TO Mr.
Bradbury's Book and thereby respecting it, is called,
"Farenheight 911"...which does not equate to
'stolen'...(or even borrowed,) at all...


el ve

----- Original Message -----
From: "Vicki Hardin"

> As to whether Michael Moore tastefully and appropriately
adapted Ray Bradbury's work or hijacked it, I will defer to
Ray Bradbury. Hijacked is one of Bradbury's own words and I
further quote his response to this incident:

> "He stole my title and changed the numbers without ever
asking me for permission."

> I don't see this as any different than when Mel has
referred to finding close approximations of his work on the
cover of magazines by other people taking credit. If we
support the taking of other peoples work, where will it end?

> Here's more on the article for those interested.

> > Yes it is true that Michael Moore tastefully and
appropriately adapted Bradbury's title in his powerful film.
> >
> Best Regards,
> Vicki Hardin