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environment as a tool

updated mon 22 nov 04


Joan Berkwitz on sun 21 nov 04

Yes, changing your environment and sharing with other artists can really =
open up your world! Artists come here frequently, and I fly to their =
studios, sharing tips and tools and all. Each studio really reflects the =
style of the person. And in their environment, you get their aura.

(But I do slip cast low fire horse sculpture, so all this sharing goes =
on outside of Clayart...however, the effect is the same.)

Simple answer, "Monkey see, monkey do."

But of course that isn't really right. You aren't copying, rather, you =
are pushed past your boundaries by new ideas and a slightly different =
vision., it's almost all Celtic, with some Indian pop rock thrown =
in...a little New Age now and again. Somewhere else, maybe soft rock or =
NPR. Music programs our brains, Classic music helps us organize. (What =
does Celtic do? Make us march and eat haggis ?) Lighting, etc. all =
has a place to play in our work.

Best time I ever had was up in Boise, where the long, dry, warm evenings =
just beckon you outside. The artist and her hubby had put up a EZup tent =
and strung little fairy lights all over was like working in a =
forest glade. The lack of bugs obviously enhanced the situation!

Get out, with other people's mud. Touch their tools, with =
respect. Listen to the silence when you are both working.=20

"A positive attitude will not solve all your problems, but it will annoy =
enough people to make it worth the effort."