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updated mon 22 nov 04


Jennifer Baumeister on sun 21 nov 04

I am just starting out with a home studio and after expending to much gray matter on trying to figure out how to price my wares, I think I have found a great method.

Input from the clayart gang is greatly appreciated.

I start off with finished gram weight.

Then multiply the weight with a base rate per gram of .030 (you can set a different base rate to comply with your particular market, costs, skill, or currency etc,,)Then add to the base total $2 per additional piece (handles, knobs, lid, spout etc..)

In addition to this basic rate then add (or subtract) a percentage for artistic value, etc.


Medium size mug

Finished weight 360 g x .030 = $ 10.80

Handle $2_

Total $ 12.80

Same size mug with intricate decoration $12.80 + 50% artistic value = $19.20

Tea Pot

1260 g x .030 = 37.80 plus $2 each for handle, spout, lid , and knob for a basic price of $45.80 can then add a percentage in artistic value for the complexity of the form, decoration etc. $45.80 + 25% = 57.25

Basic Medium size Vase ( same weight as teapot )

1260 g x .030 = $37.80

With this method, the base rate is quick and easy to calculate.

The artistic value/time is easily to put into a percentage range.

As a newbie, I can't thank you all enough for the huge amount I have learned from Clayart over the past year. I also very much appreciate the comments and humor of certain members,,,


Jen Baumeister