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dutch tile designs and english tilers books

updated fri 19 nov 04


Rhonda Kale on thu 18 nov 04

Karen, Brian, and other mudbuds-
As usual I read the daily postings and when it comes to books,well, that is my weakness and Achilles' tendon-especially anything concerning tile..... I went looking and found that you can go to and type in either of the titles and lo and behold you may order either one of them!!! The Dutch Tile book is not out until Jan. 28th so you can pre-order and the 'English Tilers' is available now. It is part of a series called "Medieval Craftsmen." Besides "Medieval Tilers" they also have Scribes and Illuminators, Embroiders, Glass- Painters, Goldsmiths,Masons and Sculptors, and Painters. The average price for the Meidieval Craftsman series is about $18.75 to $21.95 and the Dutch Tilers book is $20.00 with CD rom, but if you have B&N discount card you can order at local bookstore and then get discount when you pick up. Since the B&Nobles is two hours from me, I call the Montgomery, AL store order there and they ship to me and since I am calling store, they give me
discount then.

On the rest of the journey.....
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