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ot aberystwyth, how many rs in piaf? plus finger bowls

updated mon 15 nov 04


Janet Kaiser on sun 14 nov 04

Hey! Captain Carl! What are you casting nasturtiums about, Old
Chum? I deny it, whatever it was! Is that why you have gone all
quiet of late? Did I wound you? Lethally? Dear me...! That will
never do!!! Yet even though the cutlass has cut you to the quick,
you have kept my definitive pronunciation guide to Aberystwyth?
Wow! I am touched, Carl! Neigh... I am humbled!

As for no Rs in "Piaf"... No, of course not, Silly! But she
rolled her Rs when singing her wonderful chansons... Nnnnnnon,
non rrregrrrrrrrret... Jeeeeeee 'nerrregrrrrrete
rrrrrrrrrrrrrein. Almost as well as any gravel-voiced Welshwoman
on a rrrreal rrrrroll... Which would be quite rare, because we
all seem to raise our voices at least an octave when we speak in
Welsh. This does not apply to men, so no need to tighten
underwear when learning you guys!! LOL! Anyway, I am sure Wayne
will be a EP fan, so he will know what I am on about, even if no
one else does! Of course the Vikings haven't a clue either!

But to keep this on topic with some ceramic content... Piaf, who
was known as something like the "Paris Sparrow" or similar, was
badly used by people throughout her life. The most poignant and
touching story I recall, was of her being invited to a high
society dinner, where everyone watched her in fascination so they
could fault her table manners and gossip about it amongst
themselves. The hostess waved the waiters in to serve the guests
finger bowls. Nobody moved and the whole room turned to watch
Piaf, who adroitly flicked out the slice of lemon and knocked
back the water in a couple of gulps, wiping her lips on the
proffered towel accompanied by loud titters as the assembled
toffs then very pointedly dunked their extreme fingertips only...
I thought that was so "cruel" and ill-mannered, my heart went out
to the young girl who was considered nothing better than a common
prostitute, but probably had more "heart" in her little finger
than all those pompous buggers put together.

But thinking of finger bowls... I was wondering how many still
use them and how many will be serving them at any point during
coming feasts? Thanksgiving? Hanukkah? Christmas? Does anyone use
them these days? Would the majority also make a social gaff like
Piaf if presented with one by their hosts? I guess it would be so
in the majority of cases. After all, I have heard say that a lot
of people serve meals exclusively on paper plates on such
occasions, even though they have dishwashers! I can imagine that
those "wet wipes" have probably replaced fiddely little dishes of
water in even the most sophisticated setting. What about Chinese
or Asian restaurants? I think that was the last time I was
personally served a finger bowl... Or was that the tea!?!? LOL!


Janet Kaiser -- finally stopped sub to CRAFTS magazine. Should do
my BP and temper a world of good...

>And please don't tell Janet that there are no Rs in "Edith
Piaf"--last time
>I attempted to correct her she...uh... well, it wasn't pretty!
>--Carl in Medford, Oregon
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