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tissue paper for wrapping - handleing fees...and...

updated thu 11 nov 04


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on wed 10 nov 04

Hi Chris, all...

Yes, your mentions here Chris sum it up very well.

I am a mite cursory in these things and I could do a lot
better, as your mentions kindly remind.

Too, as an affirm from my own feelings on the matter of
'Handleing Charges' - for any routine smallish or simple
items being sold through the Mails, it seems very petty and
impersonal to me to encounter arbitrary handleing charges
when I am a customer, and, I have never adopted the practice
of having them as a seller or shipper either. As a customer,
many seller's handleing charges seem as if "that" is their
'Business' and the item itself is a kind of incidental or

If one considers ( as several have mentioned so far) one's
time in packaging things ( and schlepping them to stand in
line and soon at the Post Office or what) the costs of the
materials as such used to package the items, may seem less

Likely, the most elegant method, is for the price of the
item if it is to be shipped, to accomidate also the
labor/time it takes ( or some portion of it) to
package-and-ship it.

With possibly a courteous discount of some kind for items as
are not being shipped, if customers come by to obtain them.

el ve

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> This is a secret galleries have known
> for years and years ... wrap it up beautifully.
> Yes, use tissue paper instead of old. crappy
> newspapers and elevate the value of the
> pot you are selling.
> Put it into a new clean bag, add a bit of
> curly ribbon and voila!! you have created a
> special gift that does not need to be re-wrapped.
> Punch a hole in your business card and feed
> the ribbon through it and you have some free
> advertising on this package.
> Don't ask if they need it gift wrapped ... even if
> the pot is 'just' for them, they deserve to feel special.
> These little extras work for you.
> They don't 'cost' you, they earn money for you.
> Chris Campbell - in North Carolina - my last box of
pottery from the
> Clennells included a small sample of bubble bath ...
unexpected and very cute!
> 'Lagniappe' is what they call it in New Orleans.
> 'Something for nothing' everywhere else.