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mason stain success!

updated sat 6 nov 04


kenneth dec on fri 5 nov 04

Dear Clayarters,

Thank you to all who responded to my help with my Mason Stain question =
last week. FYI: I just removed from my kiln the most beautiful, rich =
sapphire blue glazed pot! I achieved this by mixing 1 lb Mason Stain =
Sapphire to 6 lbs Opulence dry clear gloss base, to which I added 7 lbs =
water and =BC cup fine ceramic rutile. I also tossed in a little =
bentonite. I mixed this with a high-speed hand-blender, sieved 100-mesh =
and let sit. The result is a great dipping glaze and the rich opaque =
blue I was after!!! No "granny grabber" or wimpy watery gray-blue here! =
I am putting a piece with this glaze in a charity art auction next week; =
it will be next to some more traditional colors and I am interested to =
see if it draws attention. The end result seems to be 15% Mason stain to =
a base glaze for the medium colors with rutile to serve as an opacifier. =
I use a white stoneware body and dislike the effect of the white =
breaking through the richer colors, so I like this result.

I am leaning toward calling my studio "Bliss Clay Design"- but does that =
make me sound like a tart? My name is Melissa, and the nickname my =
family calls me is "Bliss"-but it could be construed as a name for an =
exotic dancer which I assure you I am not. (My playmates as tots could =
only pronounce "Mablissa" and the shortened version stuck.)


Many thanks to all of you who helped!!!

Melissa Jeswald Dec