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university of texas at austin and university of north texas - college

updated fri 5 nov 04


Cathy Wu on wed 3 nov 04


Hi! I have a few college questions.

Dream: go to an art college like RISD... but reality must kick in.

My back up colleges are University of Texas at Austin (UT) and
University of North Texas (UNT).

Does anybody have any advice/thoughts/opinions/etc on their ceramic programs?

Here is what I've heard:
UT = good program
UNT = even better program.

My dilemma is that I live in Dallas (where UNT is), and UT is such a
large, diverse, new, and far-from-home-but-not-too-far school. I don't
know much about either school's ceramics program. All I know is that
UNT is extremely well known in the arts and musics. But I thought
maybe some people on this list might have experiences they could share
with me? Or advice to pick between the two if I can't go to an art