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jared update 11-1-04

updated thu 4 nov 04


Charles Moore on wed 3 nov 04


A few days ago, Steven Branfman sent me an email, followed by a phone =
call, to tell me about Jared's cancer treatment. Steven suggested that =
I might want to send a shorter version of the email to Clayart. I will =
attempt to do that; anyone interested in more detail should email me so =
that I can send Steven's email off-list.

Jared is presently undergoing a type of stem cell therapy in which stem =
cells are harvested from his own bone marrow. Following more =
chemotherapy the stem cells will be transplanted back into Jared's =
system. Steven said, "On the 10th day he will get the stem cell =
transplant and then we will wait for the cells to seed, for his bone =
marrow to produce white blood cells, and for his immune system to begin =
to recover." Jared will then undergo a period in virtual isolation =
until his immune system recovers, in the hospital for about 5 weeks and =
then home quarantine for 3-6 months.

Recently Jared had an MRI and spinal fluid analysis and both were again =
clear. This is very good news to the Branfmans.

Again, please email me off-list to get more detail. (Note that Surewest =
dropped the final "e" of my last name in my email address.)

Charles Moore

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Somehow, your earlier email about the update on Jared did not reach =
me. If it is possible could you send it to me again?

Charles, didn't reach you because I failed to send it. How's t =
hat for an example of how my brain is working?

I'll try to call soon,
Love Steven

Jared Update,

The last 6 weeks or so have been very difficult. The stem cell =
collection did not go as easy as the doctors predicted (what else is =
new....) Instead of it taking one or two collection procedures it took =
7. Each time was more uncomfortable than the one before and by the final =
one Jared's arms were like pin cushions and he was totally exhausted. =
However, enough cells were ultimately collected and no long term harm =
was done. The past 8 months of treatment have taken their toll resulting =
in Jared almost unable to walk due to the fatique, weakness, and =
neuropathy. Jared fininshed the second phase of his chemotherapy =
treatment cycle on October 4 and since them has had a myriad of tests in =
preparation for the high dose chemotherapy and stem cell transplant. =
Last week he had an MRI and spinal fluid analysis and both were again =
clear. This is the 3rd clear MRI and second clear spinal fluid exam. We =
are thrilled beyond words. We did have a scare though...........his MRI =
showed a questionable spot in an area of his spinal cord that had never =
shown tumor before. It was a sleepless night before going in for a high =
resolution MRI the next day. The spot turned out to be Jared's blood =
vessels........perfectly normal.

Yesterday Jared entered the Childrens Hospital for the final =
cycle.........the high dose chemotherapy and stem cell transplant/rescue =
that I explained in the last update. He is in a special bone marrow/stem =
cell transplant unit that is unlike anything we had ever seen. Each room =
is individual with TV, VCR, DVD, Playstation, computer, internet, etc. =
There is a premanent bed for a parent to stay. It is bright and as =
cheery as a hospital unit and room can be. There are many rules to =
follow to keep the unit bacteria free and safe for the patients. =
Yesterday afternoon he had surgery to implant a central line through =
which he will get the drugs. Today he began the chemotherapy which will =
be given over 6 days. By then end of the 6 days his white blood cells =
will be gone, his bone marrow non functional, and his immune system will =
be destroyed. On the 10th day he will get the stem cell transplant and =
then we will wait for the cells to seed, for his bone marrow to produce =
white blood cells, and for his immune system to begin to recover. This =
will take from 9 days to two weeks and he will be very uncomfortable. He =
will be in the hospital for 4-6 weeks before he is well enough to leave =
and then home for a 3-6 month home quarantine.

Ellen is staying with Jared for the duration and I am visiting most =
every day. I will stay over here and there to relieve Ellen and allow =
her to get out. Of course we both have to be very careful about =
exposure. I am staying away from crowds and public places as much as =
possible though it is impossible to totally isolate myself. No hugging =
and kissing.........that's for sure. There is nothing much more to =
report. Jared is going into this with high spirits and we all have high =
hopes that this will be the final treatment and that Jared will be free =
of this disease. As he gets stronger he will be able to do more =
exercise and physical therapy and work towards a return to the state he =
was in before he was diagnosed with cancer last February. It will be a =
long and arduous journey back but Jared is one who can do it. He has a =
long list of things that he longs to get back to.............Don't =
anybody get in his way.>>