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subject: re: specific gravity

updated wed 3 nov 04


Kathy Stecker on tue 2 nov 04

Jim Larkin said Subject: Re: Specific Gravity

">I recently read an easy way to determine specific gravity of a glaze, it
was in C.M.<"......
." A beer bottle will work fine."

So Jim you must've purchased one of those "pubmills" saw discussed a few
weeks ago. I heard there was a run on them through the Arkansas area as well as
in Canada and the UK.

"John Britt's new glaze book has a good section on specific gravity also."

Just got the book and it is a beauty-I will have to read that section and see
if sp. gravity is measured as the weight of your volume of glaze over the
weight of an equal volume of beer
OOps just read it -the pubmill craze has obviously not hit North Carolina-but
I mention again after reading lots of books -this one is truly a beauty if
you are interested in high fired glazes.Pretty pictures and lots of info easy to
read-Thanks to John Britt-just the stuff I want to know!

Kathy Stecker

Winter Springs,FL