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randle kick wheels?

updated sun 31 oct 04


BJ Clark on thu 28 oct 04

Hello all,
At school, I use a Randle Kick wheel w/electic motor to do all my
throwing. It had an aluminum "pan head" that easily detaches and you
use plaster bats to throw with. Pop right out, works slick.
I can't seem to find these for sale online anywhere. Is the Randle
Wheel Co., Alfred, NY (as per the tag on the leg) not around anymore?
It would be a crying shame if they weren't because these things are so
much nicer than the brents/shimpo's/pacificas we've got it's not even
If not, is there anyway to modify a Shimpo to use a "pan head" for
plaster bats?

Thanks in advance,
BJ Clark
In rainy (WTF?) Western Colorado.

Cherry Knobloch on fri 29 oct 04

I bought a Randall kick wheel a couple months ago. It has the aluminum pan
and "dog bowl" head. From the Clayart archives, I got the Randall company
number, called and left a message. A couple weeks later, Mr Randall called,
I told him what I needed (a mold for the plaster bats) and in two days, I
had it!

The number on the invoice is:
(585) 288-0982

They also carry other parts for the wheel, including the motor for the
model made after 1984.

Cherry Knobloch
Camp Hill, Pa USA

DEBBYGrant@AOL.COM on sat 30 oct 04

I have never heard the term dog bowl head or pan head for the "bucket head"
or "drop head" on a Randall wheel. I find it very amusing. I have owned a
Randall wheel since 1960. You cannot buy the plaster bats for it but you can buy
the plastic mold to make your own. As far as I know the Randall company is out
of business but they did open an office in Rochester.
I no longer have the address for it but I believe one of the clay suppliers
carries the mold as well. It comes in 2 sizes - one for a 12" bat and one for a
15" bat.

Debby Grant in NH