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fountain basics help

updated fri 29 oct 04


Llewellyn Kouba on wed 27 oct 04

I have been thinking more seriously that I need to get my fountain project
started here- and will want no doubt to make a few molds that will be
needed for the project.... but that will be a big project as I make plans
for a 3 -4 foot tall by as wide or wider whatever my kiln can handle for
the space. Anyway I have some ideas shooting around and need to start
putting something on paper for plans and proceed from the drawings. Anyway
I have the submersible pump already .You no doubt have seen these at craft
fairs. Anyway I could just drop the whole thing in my lowest
box/dish/bowl/ or what have you and conceal it with other glazed clay leafy
things etc. ..but I don't know why I toy with making a larger box form
under my lowest fountain dish and having the pump mechanism concealed in
that and removable from the back side etc. (any book references on this
plan?) My issue though with this one is (more complicated?) It would have
to be a perfect seal for one thing - well so would any fountain dish for
that matter that is to hold water.and not leak although the fountain is
planned for outdoors anyway but I would not want a major or even minor
issue with leaking) How high does the bottom box have to be so the water
doesn't spill out of the lowest receptacle .?...and or so the lowest dish
still has water in? Are they the same level and all that or is the stand
box higher than the bottom dishes highest level so nothing runs over or
what? yikes what am I getting myself into....on the other hand the idea of
a box below the lowest dish/bowl would add support to the whole structure
and to the largest biggest dish too so there are pro's and con's and either
way one would hope for a perfectly good seal and workmanship. I had a book
out once but that didn't seem to resolve the issue either for me of which
way is the best way to go? Any experiences whatever would be appreciated .
I plan to make the size with (2-3 tiers) but having the bottom lowest one
free hanging 'standing' or to enclose the lowest dish with a secondary box
or pan is my main question right now.

Llewellyn Kouba