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cone 6 ash

updated fri 29 oct 04


Gene Arnold on thu 28 oct 04

I use cone 6 ox ash glaze quite a bit, about 75% of my work.

One that I have had good results with is Val Cushings recipe. It is as

wood ash 50 {I don't wash}
gerstley borate 20
whiting 20
epk 8
flint 10

The keys to all ash glazes I have tried is application. They all seem to =
very touchy and finicky if you don't get them just right.

I spray all my ash, {use respirator when spraying} one thin layer on the
entire piece, then a second layer starting about 3/4 down the piece, =
layer about 1/2 way. This is my method and it works for me you will need =
experiment to get the results you are looking for.

I fire all my work on 1/4 inch wafers I cut from soft fire brick. Can =
save a
lot of grinding when using ash.

Also I have found that a bisque to cone 04 will help get rid of the =
and a slow glaze firing with a 20 minute soak at the end.

The archives are full of cone 6 ash glazes and fake ones also that you =
play around with.

I have not tried any of the commercial ash glaze but the above methods =
help to get better results.

Gene & Latonna

Gene & Latonna