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: john britts book

updated thu 28 oct 04


Lee Love on thu 28 oct 04

Sue Leabu wrote:

>You can purchase the book directly from John Britt. Go to his website
>, and click on the Publications link. $25 for the
>book, $5 shipping in the U.S., plus you'll get a signed copy. You can pay
>with a check or paypal.
Wondering if John will ship to Japan?

Right now, I am packing up some pots a visitor from the Matsuzaki
workshop bought. Jean helped her make a purchase of a large hicabarei
yohen henko. A beauty!

(Hey Tony, Mike in Taku told me some "secrets" to Matsuzaki's
shinos!) Furuki-san also clued Mike into some new Shino feldspars.

Lee in Mashiko, Japan WEB LOG Photos!