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show vehicles and dug clay

updated wed 27 oct 04


Beaver Creek Arts on tue 26 oct 04

Hi gang,

Trying to get back into Clayart, have missed all of you.

I read with interest the posts on show vehicles and I remembered an old idea I always wanted to try. We once had a tent trailer that my husband, Paul, and I used to be able to unhitch and move anywhere we wanted by hand, esp. with the flip down wheel by the hitch. I wondered if one could be gutted out, filled with pots, etc. and used for shows. The canopy off the doorway would become your show tent, shelves set up underneath, etc. And a place to sneak into a take a snooze, if you had time. Just one of those random ideas.

I have some black clay from digging the foundation for our cabin here, but not enough to make very many pots. I did some testing with it as a base for glaze instead. I have gotten some interesting results, but have to use less than 50% to make a usable glaze. I fired to cone 6 and even did the reverse firing to cone 06 to get an interesting mustard, as I remember.

My plan was to sell small pots here in a touristy area with local glaze materials as a souvenir. Hmm, think I'd better get testing again. We'll be snowed in here soon, so better get my supplies in.

Lynne Antone
Roslyn WA USA