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john britt's book (was re: fire down)

updated wed 27 oct 04


Jocelyn McAuley on mon 25 oct 04

I had the pleasure of picking up John's book at Portland's Powells this
weekend... it's a stunner.

Great visual guide to high firing glazes. Honestly, this book with
Vince's is a great substitution for a University ceramics program

I must have been in la-la land when you announced it coming out to the list?

Just thought I'd throw you a clayart high-five,
Jocelyn McAuley

John Britt wrote:
> John,
> Down firing in reduction has a substancial effect! Also, a "glaze
> reduction" period at the peak temperature has a great effect. As you say,
> it only effects the surface layer but that is significant.