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sittin' in la-la

updated wed 22 jun 11


clennell on fri 22 oct 04

Sour Cherry Pottery

> i am firing mine right now. cone 9, oxyprobe at .13
> or, oxy. i fire most of the time right at 60. and i get
> a very nice reduction at that number. downdraft.
> and, placement is very important.
> you can move it around and get altogether different numbers.
> that is why i recommend, one place, same place....consistent.
> mel
> funny, as my energy builds in the kiln, the numbers rise.
> when i see the oxyprobe hit 70 i turn down the gas.
> balance it at 60.

Mel: Sittin in La-la waitin' for my na-na. My numbers are quite different.
As energy builds in our kiln the number lower. I fire in the 70's until
near the end when the numbers are high sixties.
Started firing this morning at 7. cone 10 down now at 7. Soak for an hour
and then crash to 1900 and then cause I'm feeling frisky I'm doing the hank
Stall for 3 hours. hank will say do it for 8 hours but i can't sleep with
the kiln on and so I'm going to shut down at 11pm. Hoping that the knackers
are red and the gold is 22K.
Thanks Clayart for this information. Staff at Sheridan are still preaching
Cone o8 for reduction and Daniel Rhodes. Times they are a changin'.
Tony and Sheila Clennell
Sour Cherry Pottery
4545 King Street
Beamsville, Ontario

tony clennell on tue 21 jun 11

Sitting here in San Antone airport. This has been a great busman's holiday.
The Texas hospitality of my ole Clayart friend Gay Judson and husband Jim
Bob was over the top. Tim Kelley owner of Castorville Pottery went beyond
with feeding and watering all the workshop participants. I love this part o=
the world and it's people.
When I turned 60 I got down on myself for not being financially successful
but I have carved out a life richer than I could have done doing anything
Today I feel very, very rich.