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schooling thread

updated thu 21 oct 04


Weiland, Jeff on wed 20 oct 04

Here is a story for you regarding the schooling/education thread:
I teach high school here in Indiana. I also teach adult night classes =
sponsored by a community education organization. As a teacher, I have =
to earn 5 hours of credit every 5 years to maintain my license or get =
what is called "credit renewal units" which are earned through attending =
workshops, conferences, etc. I spend a considerable amount of time at =
the wheel, testing glazes, keeping up with the art world, and so on. =
That amounts to squat is the eyes of the "experts". I could earn CRU's =
if I sign up for my own classes. Then I could renew my license. Go =
figure. Leave the decisions up to politicians, who know very little of =
reality in education, and they will mess it up every time!!! I =
understand accountability for educators. There are way to many =
teachers/professors who are not getting the job done. When my students =
go to college, they can throw, handbuild, mix clay (at least 3 different =
types), do simple glaze calculation, batch mix and test glazes, and have =
an understanding of the whole ceramic process. That is my reward. Not =
some dusty piece of paper with a bunch of trustees signatures. (I =
wander where that thing is anyway. Have not seen it in years!!!)

Jeff Weiland
Greenfield-Central High School
810 North Broadway
Greenfield, Indiana 46140