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perfect show vehicle

updated sat 23 oct 04


dneese on fri 22 oct 04

Just finished loading "Blue Velvet" for the drive up 35 this morning for the
Texas Clay Festival. I have a minute or two before going "no mail" while the
Friday rush hour subsides some. Blue Velvet is my 14 year old Ford F-250
extended cab with camper shell. Approaching 200,000 miles. She has served me
well for all these years. Keep her in tip top shape. New tires and heavy
duty shocks earlier this year. Sony CD player too. Got to have tunes! Drove
a load of pottery to Tennessee in August. Empty coming home. Best ride home
I can remember. In the long bed floor there is enough room to put 16
Rubbermaid totes. On top of those go the shelves for my display. Across the
bed are 3 2X6's with plywood on top creating another area above for more
pots,10X10 tent, small table and the rest of the show supplies. On top of
the camper shell with strong ratchet tie downs not bungee cords are the 4
frames for my display. The back seat folds flat for my large platters
sandwiched between layers of foam rubber. Ice chest and suitcase. I can haul
plenty of pots without much effort. Blue Velvet has two gas tanks. You don't
want to know how much gas takes to fill both of them. I knew way back when I
had a small Toyota pick up with camper shell that I was going to get another
truck. Kick it up a notch. Attending fairs for many years I had seen too
many participants coming in the gates with displays tied to the top of a
Mercedes or Volvo, painting easels sticking out the side door windows. Trunk
tied down half open with merchandise sticking out. Then comes the rain.
Cardboard melts, newspaper...ugly. When you are selling as a business then
you need to put some of the profit back into the business. Always purchase
more clay and propane first. Mix glazes. Change the oil in the truck and
repair if needed. Now it is the small stuff that is going downhill on Blue
Velvet. Seat backs, door handles, knob on the gear shift has duct tape
holding it on...... Always carry duct tape in your show kit.
See you at the Festival.

Dale Tex
"across the alley from the Alamo"
San Antonio, Texas USA