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lark books / 500 figures

updated mon 25 oct 04


John Britt on sat 23 oct 04

There was recently a post about Lark Books and the ceramics editor and I
wanted to say that I have had quite a bit of first hand experience with
Suzanne Tourtillott, the current Ceramics Editor, and have found her to be
the most dedicated and conscience advocate for ceramics out there. She
worked tirelessly with me on =93The Complete Guide to High-Fire Glazes=94 an=
it would not have been half as good without her help! She is a wonderful
person and a top notch editor. Lark Books is working very hard as a
company to produce the finest ceramics books for all levels of

I think that the latest two books published under her watch, =93Alternative
Kilns=94 and =93The Complete Guide to High-Fire Glazes=94, are proof of her =
Lark=92s dedication to providing ceramicists with the highest quality
publications and at a great price!. That is not to mention the Penland
Books, or the 500 series. Incidentally, I saw new copy of the =93500
Figures=94 and it looks great.

John Britt

Lee Love on sun 24 oct 04

Jim from Saitama showed me John's new book and it looks useful to
me. Will buy it when I can.

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