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updated tue 19 oct 04


Phyllis Tilton on mon 18 oct 04

My life has not paralled Bonnie's but some of the thinking has. My father, too, told me I could take what I wanted in college BUT I must be able to support myself with the education. I had an interest also in medical stuff since he was a doctor and mother a nurse. He said if I wanted to marry and have a family, the medical profession could be quite demanding. Mother said the hours in nursing were terrible and the pay worse.---
We are talking 1942 with this. I took pharmacy, loved it and worked at it for 43 years. It could have been something else--I have a deep interest in archeology---would love to go on a 'dig' sometime. I subscribe to an archeology magazine. I considered a minor course of social sciences--social work, etc. The pharmacy classes were so demanding there was not time for a minor course. Another area was in history--but that would have meant teaching and I just never felt called to teach in a school system. As preceptors for pharmacy students/interns, we did our share of teaching on the job. So, upon retirement, I finally could pursue ceramics and now realize what a passion or obsession it is for me and wonder how different my life would have been if I had taken the ceramic road. There is always that fork in the road.

Warm Regards
Phyllis Tilton
Columbus, Ohio
Member Potter's Council