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updated tue 19 oct 04


ASHPOTS@AOL.COM on mon 18 oct 04

Just had a show in Alabama called Kentuck.. What fun,, If you like Folk Art
this is the place to see it and buy it.. Peter Rose from Knoxville was there
and was able have some chats , he makes wonderfull woodfired animals and pots.I
got a Crow he made..What was really neat was to hear his pottery
background..He is from Australia and made pots in Japan... Also met other clay people and
collected more work ,,

I have friends that have galleries and they where there,, The music was good
and not to loud,, Tres Chicas was there playing, had heard them on NPR not
that long ago..
The weather was great and they had a party for the artists Saturday nite,,
they had food and LITE beer,, i will bring my own beer from now on if i get back
in the show..But all in all it is truly a good show, i hope i get back in it

Mark ,,, need to make more pots,, also getting ready to fire up the new/old
Shino kiln.. If any of you want to be in my Shino firings ,, let me know