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getting an mfa

updated tue 19 oct 04


Barbara Sansing on mon 18 oct 04

I applied to UNLV as soon as I found that I could pay the tuition with
my social security check, if there was tuition, which there is not for
those of my years.

I received my BFA from NH Institute of Art in 1999, exactly 40 years
after finishing high school.

But I've always gone to school. At first it was decoupage and macrame
at the local craft store, moved on to business classes that my employer
would pay for, and finally, after our children finished college, found
the funds to pay for my own college education.

What will I do with this degree? Who cares? The goal is to learn! I
look at the University as my very own candy store. All that knowledge
that I have hungered for, all for the taking.

So, you 38 year olds, step up to the plate. There is no such thing as
too much education, no matter how you get it.

Last word: The myriad of pottery workshops out there taught me most of
what I know about the making of great pottery. College taught me about
the meaning of great pottery.

Bobbye Sansing
Now in Nevada where I can start a fire no matter what the weather...

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