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art competition

updated tue 19 oct 04


Gene Arnold on mon 18 oct 04

I'm pretty excited and needed to share it with someone.

After three and one half years in pottery I decided to enter my first =
juried art competition at the Foothills Art council in a neighboring =
city. All sorts of media were represented from paintings, mixed media, =
fiber, sculptor and pottery, 76 pieces all together.

I entered a tall vase about 18 inches high with a closed in neck and =
four lugs around the top with an ash glaze.

They called me Saturday morning and informed me I had won second place, =
nice ribbon, 100 bucks and the piece sold too, another 180 bucks. Man =
was I happy !!!!!!

Second place in my first show, still can't believe it.

Thanks for listening!!

Gene & Latonna