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updated mon 18 oct 04


Christie Lucero on sun 17 oct 04

Louis Katz mentioned firing tests on lava in his last posting... this =
touches on something I've wondered about as we have more lava than you =
can shake a stick at around here. I saw a photo, in an older edition of =
Hands in Clay, of a clay sculpture which seemed to have been fused onto =
a chunk of lava. It was by a Spanish artist who was quoted as saying he =
matched the clay's shrinkage to that particular batch of lava's =
shrinkage. Clay I can measure, chunks of rock I'm not so sure of.
I checked with a geology website and the melting temps of lava are =
similar to low fire clay but have been a little afraid to experiment as =
possibly there is moisture trapped in the lava which might possibly blow =
up. Anybody have any ideas on combining bubbly lava and clay? Also a =
friend who does melted glass tried melting obsidian, took it up to 1800 =
F. and no melt.

Christie Lucero
Snowlion Ranch
Coyote Creek, NM