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workshop with john calver

updated fri 15 oct 04


Cl Litman on thu 14 oct 04

I recently had the opportunity to do a workshop with John Calver at Linda
Blossom's studio in Ithaca. Linda is a great host and everything ran
quite smoothly in her roomy and well appointed studio.

I'd seen John's work on the cover of CM quite some time ago and was
thrilled when Linda posted on clayart that she was running a workshop
with him. He was very generous with the volume of tricks, tips and
techniques he shared with us. I was also impressed when he so
grasciously repeated forms and techniques any time someone asked. He was
very accomdating of our requests.

If anyone ever has a chance to take one of his workshops, I'd highly
recommend it!

Cheryl Litman - Somerset, NJ