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washing teapots? becoming cocoa and spices

updated fri 15 oct 04


Louis Katz on thu 14 oct 04

Ah Leon always washes his teapots with hot water immediately, no soap
and dries them with a cotton cloth. Not one to simply accept authority,
I have used dish soap. Even well rinsed ,the little tang of plastic
flowery scent is a real bummer in a cup of Young Hyson. In Lipton, Earl
Grey or Gunpowder you might not notice it.

I buy tea from My particular favorites ( I stick
to the cheap stuff, some of it is GREAT) are Young Hyson, and Pu-erh
On a similar related beverage subject Penzeys spices sells incredible
Dutched and UnDutched cocoa. Take a good heaping tablespoon and stir it
into a Turkish (2 demitasse) coffee pot full of hot water. Stir and
reheat until it foams up. Serve the chocolate in straight sided
demitasse cups. No sugar, no milk, just cocoa, water....strong.
Their cinnamons are out of this world. Splurge and get the good stuff.

I inherited some amazingly well decorated thin porcelain demitasse
cups. They are really fun and look quite odd in my medium-large hands.
I love coffee and am addicted but a cup of chocolate seems to warm me
from within.


On Oct 13, 2004, at 9:49 AM, Scott Paulding wrote:

> i think the subject pretty much says it, but i'm interested in thoughts
> about whether or not we should wash our teapots?
> -scott
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