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walter ostrom workshop in logan, utah

updated thu 14 oct 04


John Neely on wed 13 oct 04

Ceramic Artist Walter Ostrom to Visit Utah State University

Ceramic artist Walter Ostrom will be in residence at Utah State=20=

University as part of the Department of Art Visiting Artist Program=20
from October 22 to October 29. His public lecture is scheduled for=20
Tuesday, October 26, 2004 at 7:00 pm in the Eccles Conference Center,=20
room 216. Ostrom will show slides and speak about his own artwork.
Walter Ostrom, an internationally renowned artist and educator, =
Professor of Ceramics at the Nova Scotia School of Art and Design=20
(NSCAD). He is also Honorary Professor of Ceramics at the Jingdezhen=20
Ceramic Institute in Jingdezhen, People=92s Republic of China. Ostrom=92s=20=

work in the low-fire maiolica technique has brought him world wide=20
recognition, both as an artist and and as an authority on the history=20
and technology of ceramics.
In a statement about his work Ostrom says, =93My pots are made =
function in the everyday complex world of the home rather than the one=20=

dimensional world of the gallery or museum. A pot should never stop=20
working. In use, it should function to contain, present and enhance=20
both its content and its context.=94 He goes on to say, =93A pot comes =
all sorts of cultural information: social, economic, aesthetic, etc. I=20=

try to keep in mind both the utilitarian and informational role.
His work can be found in major collections including the Museum =
Civilization (Ottawa), The Victoria and Albert Museum (London), and the=20=

Museum of Fine Arts (Boston), The Academy of Art and Design, Tsinghua=20
University, Beijing, People=92s Republic of China, and New York State=20
College of Ceramics at Alfred University, New York. He has written=20
extensively about ceramics in major publications including =93Ceramica=94=20=

(Spain), =93New Ceramics=94 (England), and =93Ceramics Monthly=94 =
As well as presenting slides of his work in a public lecture, =
will meet with students in ceramics classes and will meet one-on-one=20
with advanced students to talk about their work. He will present a=20
workshop from Tuesday, October 26 through Wednesday, October 27 from=20
9:00a.m.- 4:00 p.m. in FAV 121 on the USU campus. All events are free=20
and open to the public.
=93Our program brings artists working in a variety of media and =
varied backgrounds to USU=94, said Marilyn Krannich, program director.=20=

=93Now, with both nationally and internationally known artists, we are=20=

trying to broaden our students=92 view of the art world and to create a=20=

larger world context for them and their artwork.
Ostrom is the final guest in this fall=92s Visiting Artist =
Program. In=20
spring semester the program will include a painter, a printmaker, a=20
sculptor, and a photographer. The guest artists have been selected for=20=

their national and international reputations, the ways in which their=20
art reflects diversity with respect to the media used, and their=20
diverse backgrounds.
The Visiting Artist Program is supported by a generous grant =
from the=20
Marie Eccles Caine Foundation. The Utah Arts Council, an affiliate of=20
the National Endowment for the Arts, provides additional funding.
For more information about the Visiting Artist Program at USU, =
program director Marilyn Krannich, 435-797-7373.