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thoughts on using itc ceramic coating/saggar

updated sat 16 oct 04


mudslingers@ATT.NET on thu 14 oct 04

hi kevin,
i itc'd my old kiln and elements when i
changed the elements last time. i noticed
the ITC213 used on the elements flaked for
several firings. since i don't make alot of
pottery for food, i wasn't too concerned.
i agree with others who have posted that
it helps even out the heat. i could never
get the cones on different shelves to
bend the same no matter how i loaded.
now i am seeing more consistency.

but the BIGGEST benefit i see to having
the kiln coated with ITC is my peace of
mind when i saggar fire in it! i would
never have risked the elements before
by saggaring without ITC. russel might
disagree (don't know if his kiln is
ITC'd or not), but like i said, for me
it's a real sense of security. if anyone
is interested, some saggar fired pots
are on my website in the gallery. i have
to give thanks to david ogle, who's article
in clay times a few months ago
fired me up! and with his advice
and with an ITC coated kiln, i was
able to acheive some success.

anybody else saggaring in their electric kiln?

lauren the mudslut
Mudslingers Pottery, Lauren Bellero
39 Leroy Place, Red Bank, NJ 07701

Russel Fouts on fri 15 oct 04

I had to pipe up.

My kiln isn't ITC's but then I'm not "saggar firing" as heavily as you.
Only small amounts of newspaper on the pot then wrapped tightly in
aluminium foil and fired in my vented kiln. Never a problem. Almost no
smoke escapes the foil and that's carried away by the down draft vent.

If I were saggar firing like you, I would itc my kiln and get a stronger

Russel (watching Wilson's productin of "Aida" on TV. "Walk like an

Russel Fouts
Mes Potes & Mes Pots
Brussels, Belgium
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