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cleaning your coffee pot/teapot/mugs

updated fri 15 oct 04


Rhonda Kale on wed 13 oct 04

Once upon a time, when dinasours roamed the earth and I started school the first time, I worked in a BBQ resturaunt where I got to wear tight blue jeans, bandannas around our hair/throat, and red checkered shirts-man, a redneck's dream.....
Anyway, as my late mother (G-d rest her soul) used to say,no knowledge is wasted and there at the grand palace of ribs and sauce I learned from the older waitresses how to cut lemons correctly, the importance of good service/good tips and how to clean coffee pots and teapots.
It is important to clean a coffee pot because if you don't then the oily, bitter residue builds up and then it is nastier than well....
You take your glass coffee pot and put salt or baking soda-most preferred baking soda because they said it "sweetened" it.
You scrub the inndards of the glass carafe with baking soda and long-handled brush/spongey thing. Rinse, rinse, rinse....You do the same thing to teapots/mugs because tannic acid will build up after a while and it will be whangy-especially if you enjoy the strong mugga which will pry your eyeballs open in the morning and/or grow hair/clean furniture. SOME waitresses used ice cubes and Comet scrub in the glass coffee carafes swished around and then rinsed, rinsed, rinsed. NO- you never tasted the cleaner. I opt for the baking soda method though.
And that is how I do it and I make a lovely cup of tea....

Rhonda Kale
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Pam on thu 14 oct 04

From my food service days, for cleaning the glass coffee pots, rock
salt and enough H2O to give the salt lubrication, then swirl swirl swirl.
The rock salt cleans off residue you did not know was there till it was
As for washing tea pots, I am afraid I wash mine more than some of you
folks do, but that is because I drink lots of differnt types of tea. I do
not want to taste my daughter's chai in my earl grey, and she gags at the
thought of my lapsang souchong...I guess I just need more tea pots. I am
working on that.