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mak'n stuff for shows

updated tue 12 oct 04


mel jacobson on mon 11 oct 04

i got some wonderful advice, years ago.
from an old artist.

he said:

`make things that you love to make. if you like
bowls, make bowls, and if you make stuff you think
will sell, it won't.`

i clearly remember folks coming to the
uptown art fair years ago...`hey, you, why
don't you make (fad) pasta bowls...big and flat.`
i did that, none sold. not one. i broke about
six of them, threw em in the midden pile.

i make pots for me first. always.
i try and match folks that like my pots
with a mailing list. ( i know tony
will smile with that line.) merchandising.

remember, not one of my customers cares that
i wrote a book, or that i am doing chinese glazes,
or that i write for pmi. that is done for other
potters. they do not buy my work.
my customers want my basic forms, at a fair
price. they buy a great deal.
they would not care a bit if i have a pot in the
baltimore/shino show.
i will not tell them. who cares? not even me.

far too many potters think that getting in shows, being
on the cover of a magazine or whatever, will sell their
pots. could not be farther from the truth...well, unless
you are going after the snob market, high end market.
but, i am not talking about that...that represents about
1/10 of 1 percent of potters in america. if you want to
go there, with that kid/glasses dregs/ get in line. it will
be a rough road. wear your seat belt. and, yes, get a second
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