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when an artist goofs.../joking$ - seriously...

updated sun 10 oct 04


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on fri 8 oct 04

Hi Vince...

I do not know that I found anyone to be defending the
spelling errors...but several (me for instance,) have
sympathised on how they are understandable as something as
can happen sometimes...

As too, I think we all (certainly me included) would have
expected someone to have caught the mis-spells before they
cast-in-stone ( or in Tile, as-it-may-be..)

After all...what are friends for?

Poor gal...she just seems to be compounding her goofs...and,
maybe, she has no friends to remind of calming views as
would encourage the perspective from which to resolve the
matter well...and put it behind her with some style and fun
even, so it can rest-in-peace...

Too bad...

I thought she seemed allright enough, but it looks like she
got flusterd
into feeling defensive maybe, and unsure how to
slice-the-pie...getting 'overwhelmed'
that it is
hard for her to think straight.

Whether I like the Mural or not, I get the feeling she had
put her heart into it in her own way, and I will guess it
had been a great big pain in the ass, too, to get through
all the beurocratic hoops, and to get it done...then she
from Santa Cruz, Cal., to 'Miami' or it comes back to haunt
her and the grout ain't even dry yet...and who knows what
else she has going on right now of
a stressful or distracting influence...not as excuses, but
as how sometimes, things can slide sideways for people and
then they seem kinda ass-holey confused when they are really
'spent' or overwhelmed with things and feeling 'cornered'... she is blowing it...and that too will maybe come
back to haunt her...

She probably just needs a 'Dutch Uncle' to set her down and
have a
careing pep-talk about things, let her cry or stomp a-while
or something, and then maybe some pitch about how to
slice-the-pie with this thing...and
likely, she does not have (any) one to do that...

I never had one either...

Oh well...

Poor kid...kinda shooting herself in the foot on this gig...

el ve

----- Original Message -----
From: "Vince Pitelka"

> This is an odd discussion. I cannot imagine anyone
defending spelling
> errors in a mural commision for a library. Is this
obvious, or what? There
> is absolutely no defense for such mistakes in this
situation, and the
> library should have hired local artists to repair the
mistakes. The artist
> who made the errors should not have been paid another
> Best wishes -
> - Vince
> Vince Pitelka