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need antivirus help so i can read clayart safely....go toooo the

updated sun 10 oct 04


Craig Clark on sat 9 oct 04

grail.....Firefox, Linux

Anne, I just recieved a response from the system moderator
concerning what Mozilla Firefox will run on. He states that Firefox will
run on Windows 95 but is not officially supported. That means it will
work but you can't get any direct tech help from the folks at Mozilla
and that it was not designed with 95 in mind. You may run into
difficulties if your system does not have enough "muscle." The speed of
your processor, how much memory you have, etc.
Just contact them and give it a go. I'm kinda on a holy mission of
sorts here trying to convince as may folks as I'm able to break free
from the grasp of Microsoft and the other corporate giants a much as you
are able. The internet was originally constructed as a free and open
source type of "entity" for everyone. Where the open and free flow of
ideas was and is to occur. It is the corporate folks who have been
making the dinero out of it. Not the computer geek code writing folks
who put it together. They still believe in open source and sharing. Much
like we do here on clayart. That's what Mozilla and Linux are all about.
Hope this helps
Craig Dunn Clark
619 East 11 1/2 st
Houston, Texas 77008