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when an artist goofs.../ ( or,) joking ( for ) $

updated sat 9 oct 04


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on fri 8 oct 04

Hi Linda, all...

This is funny...

I used to sometimes kid Sign Painters ( when one still saw
them) when, walking by them as they were filling in their
lettering, I'd say, "How many 'n's in 'grand?" or the
likes...and you could tell instantly ( as I allready knew
from my own experience) that even in kidding, one knew such
things can happen...I never did this in a was that would
goof up their concentration, but only sometimes if I could
see them step away and so on...

The Artist or Painter or what 'knows' what their Carved,
Painted or incised or drawn or whatever words 'say', so it
makes it hard in an odd way for them to really 'see' their
mistakes sometimes. Usually, they do catch them at some
point, after a lunch break or a breaking-the-spell of the

I have done similar things in some of my Sign Painting or
layouts anyway, and others did not catch it even when I
asked them to proof read the few words that were there...

Remeber te old thing that almost no0 one would seem to

You write "", and ask people
to read it, and they say "Uhhhhh, Paris in the spring."

Anyway...she shoulda just gone and fixed it for free right
as soon as it came to light, or, if her dough was thin,
maybe just asked Livermore to spring for the travel expenses
or something...if these are tiles and have to be pried out
or broken out, and redone, then she'd have two trips I

Too, I do not find her 'Blake' reference to be very well wit:

"The people that are into humanities, and are into Blake's
concept of enlightenment, they are not looking at the
words," she told The AP.

Somehow, I do not think such a 'they' would 'look' at her
Mural, or the Livermore Library either, or, at least, not
for long, or in the way she is trying to imply they would...


el ve

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> It gets worse. She won't even fix it now - see this:
> This woman isn't helping artists' image.
> Linda
> California