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when an artist goofs

updated sat 9 oct 04


Sandy Miller on fri 8 oct 04

did she mis-spell her name when she signed the mural?
was her name mis-spelled on the do you spell cancelled?
Sandy Miller

Ditmar on fri 8 oct 04

I know a lot of artists solicit commissions all over the world.
But, what I can't see, is why a publicly funded project in Livermore =
couldn't at least find a local California artist !!!

As far as Maria... I listened to some news interviews. To me she comes =
across as a self righteous jerk. She f---ks up and "it was the art doing =
it !! ".=20
Next time a pot is mis-fired, a plate warped or clay won't behave on the =
wheel.....just remember, the piece is choosing how it wants to be.
She is what's called "two steps backwards" for artists, in the eyes of =
the public.