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updated fri 8 oct 04


mel jacobson on thu 7 oct 04

i have found a wonderful local basket supply
company here in the minneapolis area...her name is
`restoration products`.
she has everything.
i like `standard cane`.
but, she has reed and all kinds of things.
ships the same day.
decent prices.

1 800 562 5291

she has been very helpful, and has lots of
quality information.
i like those kind of folks.
dedicated to baskets.

so, if you need her.
she ships anywhere in the country/or elswhere, even
africa i bet.
i have already bought all i need for at least
five years.
great firings at the farm.
fired three kilns full.
nice fall colors starting.
perfect weather here in god's country.
Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
web site:
or try: