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updated sun 3 oct 04


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on fri 1 oct 04

Hi Gayle,

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From: "claybair"

> Hey Phil,
> Now please don't hold back....
> tell us what you really think.... !:-)
> I got a chuckle from your posting
> and ordinarily I would agree with you
> but living on Bainbridge Island I have
> come to realize that he was likely telling
> the truth the amount of restrictions here
> are amazing.
> Gayle Bair -

Oh, I understand that. My contempt is for the kind of
'truth' he told, and it being at the expense of the larger
truth he could have told if he had any integrity or real
care or depth.

One may go to a doctor, and be told "You will die" and, no
matter what you were there to ask about, he or she will be
telling the 'truth'...only they would be leaving out since
that is the so far at least seemingly inevitable outcome for
over a long enough time-line, and, how it has maybe nothing
TO 'do' with your being there to ask them something...

Most liars tell some kind of 'truth'...what matters to me,
is the kind-of-truth it is...

I had some friends living in Santa Cruz, Cal..who,
gushingly-in-love with how deferential to them their
'builder' had been, to build a home for $200,000.00 that I
could have bettered for '80'...who, only charged them an
additional $1,000.00 to use the assortment of Antique 4 inch
Square Butt
Hinges for the 7 or 8 Doors the house had, which the
gal-of-the-house had kept for years toward the day when
she would have a home built.

Any self respecting Carpenter could have set those 4 inch
'square butt' hinges on 7 or 8 Doors in an way-easy
half-a-day or so...but the 'builder' had never done it
before, he had only done 'rounded' corner Butt Hinges with
his little router-guide...and so it was a big deal, a real
'Custon' feature...for him or his to do...

I could puke...

Yet the more he ripped them off with his own idiocy and
greed and non-ethics and waste of their money, and the more
he imposed hos generally bad insipid neophyte
facilities with any phase of traditional skills, (horrid
clumsey 'custom' mouldings full of pudy and nail-gun wounds
and so on) the more grateful they
were for the deference they felt he was showing them to do
these really 'special' and arcane and 'custom' things...

It got worse from there, but, the worse it got, the more
they loved him.

After all, he had a 'new' crew-cab truck and cocaine on his
nose, and a 'crew'! - he MUST be "successful"...!

I can only sigh...

So when I hear some of the 'classic' tell-tales, I have to
wonder what 'else' I did not hear...

When I hear the quacking of a 'duck', I do not tend to think

...from experience...


el ve