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credit card question

updated wed 29 sep 04


Elaine Birk on tue 28 sep 04

I know Clayart has discussed the issue of applying for Visa/Mastercard to
increase sales but I can't seem to find an answer to what type of
authorization to use.
I have decided to bite the bullet and apply for an account through the
Potters Council membership benefit. I called and spoke with Paul Boyd who
handles that account. I was given several choices of how to handle the
I am not sure which choice would be best for me. I am looking for the most
economical way to do this. I am a part-time potter and do 2-3 shows a year.
Some shows have other artists who would also have their sales run through
this card as we do group sales and then divvy up the proceeds after the
show. The total amount charged in a year would be less than $20,000. I do
not want to lease or purchase any expensive equipment but I do think a
manual imprinter would help efficiency.
Does anyone use the Global Touch Tone Service? What are your experiences
with it?
What other methods do people use to conduct their transactions?
I would appreciate any suggestions.
Thanks Elaine Birk