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art, craft and cabinet making

updated wed 29 sep 04


Roly Beevor on tue 28 sep 04

One to amuse the art, craft debate society.

Tom Samuel (my brother in law) is a cabinet maker and well into this topic.
His distress that the frame can be a better art work than the picture, but
the frame can not be art because it is wood, led to this picture, which
shows the frame being made, framed by the frame. So is it a work of art?
(Answer on one side of the paper only please).

Eventually the site will include an item on the art / craft divide and its
roots in the UK in the Great Exhibition of 1851 and all that stuff.

Meanwhile the Art Workers Guild, the last vestige of the Arts and Crafts
movement, has a web site, John Leach is on it if you look hard enough.

Happy Browsing,

Roly Beevor