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canned programs (was specturm glaze@cone 6 report)

updated sat 25 sep 04


Arnold Howard on fri 24 sep 04

If you download "Sentry 12-Key Controller Instructions" you will find charts
on pages 26 and 27 showing the segments for each Cone-Fire program. You can
change the programs to suit your needs. That is the beauty of a digital
controller: The advanced user can modify the firing infinitely.

To download the manual, visit and click on "Manuals" at
the top of the page.


Arnold Howard
Paragon Industries, L.P., Mesquite, Texas USA /

From: "John Hesselberth"
Relying on thermocouples and
> automatic programs is always a bad option. In fact I NEVER recommend
> using the manufacturers preprogrammed cycles. For one thing NONE of
> them include slow cooling to my knowledge. But just as important,
> develop your own firing cycle to give the results you want. If you fire
> with a plain vanilla firing cycle you are just about guaranteed plain
> vanilla results. I know for sure most of our glazes won't be their best
> with a canned cycle.