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pit fire party at nottingham, san marcos ca.

updated thu 23 sep 04


terry sullivan on tue 21 sep 04

Hi all,

This is a last notice for our Giant Pit Fire Party here at the
Nottingham Center for the Arts in southern California ( north San Diego

We do this a few times each year and it is totaly free for all who wish
to come.

Ceramists will come with pots for the pit fire, but there will be hot
glass blowing demonstrations, flamework glass demos, lots of crafts
folks who work in wood , metal, and other mediums.

The party is for all crafts folks to come together for food, drink,
fire, and comraderie.

The date is Oct. 2nd. We will have folks decorating pots during the
afternoon and then load the giant pit around 4 p.m. Then we will pile on
the wood and light off the pit just before sunset. After the lighting we
will fire up the bbq.s , open the coolers, and have a party. Throughout
the evening the glass folks will be demonstrating their thing.

Check out our web site for more info:

Hope to see many of you there. We will have much fun.

Terry Sullivan
Nottingham Center for the Arts
San Marcos, CA