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terra sig/pit fire

updated sat 18 sep 04


Kathleen Gordon on thu 16 sep 04

thanks to all for the comments about the pit fire and what chemicals to
use..i will go get some miracle gro tomarrow .... here is another
question....... when using terra sig when do you apply it ? to a fully
dried pot or to a greenware pot?
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mario andretti

kathleen gordon

dneese on fri 17 sep 04

Kathleen, you can apply terra sig to either greenware, bone dry or bisque.
By applying to greenware you can burnish the surface of the pot first, apply
the terra sigillata and buff with a soft cloth, bisque fire and apply again,
buff. On a completely bone dry pot and want to burnish use a harder object
such as a smooth stone. Apply baby oil over all of the pot, let it soak in
and then burnish carefully. Apply terra sig and buff. You can also just
apply terra sig to bisqueware and buff and pit fire. Fire the bisque to 010.

Dale Tex
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