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bar stool/standing/sciatica

updated sat 18 sep 04


Lowell Barron on fri 17 sep 04

Hi Liz, Meryl and others: Thanks for the advice re using a bar stool or
standing. I think I will try the bar stool first as I would rather not
stand all the time I am throwing! Lazy, I guess. However, I may be forced
to stand...will see.

My husband has suggested taking an old office chair and putting a bicyle
seat on it and adjusting it high so that I am mostly standing. Worth a try.

What I am wondering is how I will brace my arms in order to center and
wheel wedge. Having read some of the posts on centering large amounts,
perhaps I just use my body weight? Hard for me to imagine how to do it!

I'd love to see a video on centering using body weight and correct
technique. Anyone got any suggestions?

I'd be happy for any other advice.

Happy potting!

Lowell Ann