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southern ice as paper clay

updated thu 16 sep 04


ccpottery@BELLSOUTH.NET on wed 15 sep 04

I have been using Southern Ice Porcelain as a
hand building clay for a few years and have been
wondering how it would react to being
mixed with paper pulp and used in a once fired
situation.( Cone 8)

Well, I am pleased to report that it is just as flexible
and wonderful as any other paper clay body.

I have been able to build forms and leave them to
dry on an open shelf with virtually no cracking.
( 2 minor cracks in 30 pieces .. all pre-firing, none after)

They have fired up just as translucent as those fired
without pulp ... with much less aggravation.

This is only the very early days of my testing as I have
a very long way to go in seeing just how far I can push it.

Next, I am going to experiment with simple color patterns
and some carvings to see what happens.

Pop into my web site ... look under 'In the Studio' under the
September page to see what I am doing.

Chris Campbell - in North Carolina - wondering who will get
here first ...Hurricane Ivan or Jeanne ??

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