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updated fri 17 sep 04


Rog Coman on wed 15 sep 04


Thanks for the head-up on centering - e.g. using the leg and hand. Have been
having trouble centering (lumpy on one side) for the past six months, tried
everything, thought I was losing it, was almost ready for counseling, and
then your suggestion on Clayart. WORKS GREAT!!

Rog Coman
Fish Hook Pottery
Montrose, CO

mel jacobson on wed 15 sep 04

that is the lug for a hand made handle.
won't do that on this pot.

they will all be re/glazed and fired at the farm
in the salt kiln.
in may save them.
i have had good luck/skill refiring shino's. in fact
some of my favorite pots are re/fired.

i may re/glaze, bisque them to 020 and then
take them to the farm.
fire them to cone 10/light salt.

good learning experience.
and, hearing from many of you
on private email...with barbs of fun is great.
we have all done it, and will do it many more times.
move on.

Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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