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cheap boxes & packing materials

updated thu 16 sep 04


piedpotterhamelin@COMCAST.NET on wed 15 sep 04

Hi everyone
I just wanted to tell you all about a low cost alternative to purchasing your boxes and packing materials that I have been utilizing for the last three years. It's Paul (bestboxman on ebay) sells new materials that either have outdated printing, incorrectly sized or are just plain overstock and in the case of bubble wrap are loosely rolled at very low prices. If you print out his online catalog, first set your IE browser to "view>font>smallest" and your printer to "landscape", so that you can print out the complete page. Just his box listings is 10 pages. He has other stuff as well. Some great 1 gallon food grade wide mouth square containers as well. He is located in Fitchburg,MA for those that want to pick it up themselves (like me) and also ships UPS. Compare his prices against and see for yourself about the savings that I am talking about.

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