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plate gallery updated

updated sat 11 sep 04


Randy McCall on thu 9 sep 04

Chris your Plate gallery is awesome. Cat's plate should be given an =
award, it is a wonderful piece as are so many others.

Pottery Web Site

Veena Raghavan on thu 9 sep 04

Hi Chris,

Just visited the plate gallery. What a nice collection of work. =

Thank you so much for taking all the trouble to create these galleries so=

we can see each others creations.

All the best.


Message text written by Clayart
>Full instructions for how to submit images to the gallery are now on
the "front door":

Veena Raghavan

Chris Schafale on thu 9 sep 04

I've just added a boatload of wonderful new work to the plate
gallery -- come see!

For those who sent work for the other galleries, please have
patience -- I will get those updated in the next day or two.

Full instructions for how to submit images to the gallery are now on
the "front door":

Please limit yourself to two images per gallery -- choosing between
all these wonderful things is agony!


Light One Candle Pottery
Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, USA
(south of Raleigh, NC)
NEW email: chris at lightonecandle dot com
(insert the @ and . as appropriate)

Laurie Kneppel on fri 10 sep 04

Beautiful work! I love the variety of shapes, textures (well, as much
as a photo will allow), and color!
I think I will throw nothing but plates this weekend.

For the first time I have been brave and I just bisque fired a kilnload
with a half dozen plates on their sides last night in an effort to
minimize warping and cracking. The nice thing I noticed when stacking
the kiln was how much more room there seemed to be for everything else
- all but 7 mugs fit in there. I guess I'll see what happened tomorrow
morning when I can get in and unload it.

Sacramento, CA
Potters Council, charter member
Sacramento Potters Group, member