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soldner mixer, estrin products

updated tue 7 sep 04


Anne Webb on mon 6 sep 04

Was just reading this thread on soldner clay mixers etc. Hope you get a clay
mixer soon, bogus. that foot stompin gets old fast (been there) and is
definitely not an option with winter approaching, especially in VT!

Our clay mixer is made from a recycled ...geez.. what's it called.. (i am
having a moment here evidently...doh!) ANYhoo its some part of a gun off of
a WWII plane. works pretty well for native clay, not great for porcelain as
it tends to chip off little particles of iron at times. it only does small
batches, but it does mix well and i am very thankful to have what i have.
We also have an BIG ole dough mixer sitting out in the yard just fusing up.
Its been sitting out there for 5 years now. There were grandios plans at one
time of rigging it up for mixing clay but it hasnt happened yet. a recent
brainstorm idea re powering it involves hooking it up to the rear wheel of
an old ratty pickup truck which of course will be up on blocks... further
beautifying the place. Time for a privacy fence methinks...?

anyhow..i dont think i've seen an estrin clay mixer before. but does anyone
know if estrin still manufactures their kickwheels?

...watching the weather forcasts and hoping the hurricaine doesnt decide to
go further west to make landfall again :( we never had these up in canada!

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