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rude to vince - oh for god's sake

updated mon 6 sep 04


Rod Wuetherick on sun 5 sep 04

In response to the person that said I was rude by George I think your
knickers are in a knot. I simply called on Vince's challenge.

I have enough experience with equipment to know when something is worth it's
price. Secondly if I offer something it is only an opinion and you have the
option of using your all powerful "DELETE" key.

So unless you have something to offer pertaining to the discussion about the
pro's and con's of the machine in question I would say your fanning flames
and not really trying to add anything to the discussion other than possibly
trying to elevate yourself by trying to denigrate me.

If you have seen the posts that Vince has posted over the years - some are
pretty darn harsh. I think Vince is a wonderful artist, informative ceramics
professional and I also don't agree with everything he says.

I think Vince can dish it out and I also think he can take whatever is
thrown at him. In 8 years I have seen it all.